How do I setup pracflo for the first time?

  1. Click Settings on the left menu tab.

  2. Click 'Clinic details' under general settings.

  3. Enter all the relevant information about your business in  this screen, and click 'Save'

    There are now a number of optional settings you need to configure:

    Logo: Allows you to upload your logo that will display on all documents sent to clients, and in the top corner of the pracflo screen.
    Public Holidays: Allows you to enter all your relevant public holidays, this will ensure that you are prompted during a quotation to add a surcharge on these days.
    Hospital List: This allows you to enter a list of your local hospitals, that can be used during the event medical plan.  These are selected and shown on the staff and client plans
    Staff Skillsets: This allows you to enter the various staff skillset levels that apply to your organisation.  These are shown on quotes, rosters and event medical plans. e.g. Paramedic, First Aider, Nurse
    Case Categories: These are the different categories of injuries/illnesses.  These will appear on the front page for staff to create and categorise a case.  These categories are also used for post event reports to show how many patients were treated under each category.  Examples of case categories are:  Chest Pain, Respiratory Distress,  Limb Injury, Fall.  Each category can be High/Medium/Low priority.
    Notification Alerts: This allows you to enter an email address, mobile number or pushover app (available on app store/google play) ID to receive alerts of newly created cases.  For  example you can set an alert that all categories (above) with a HIGH priority will be sent as an SMS.  Anything Medium will be sent by email, and nothing for low.

    4.  You now need to set up all the quote and email templates.

    Work your way through each of the templates, making any changes you require. 

    5.  Finally, you need to set up the templates for your event plans.

    Click into the Event Plan Contents, and Staff Plan contents, and enter the relevant information in these sections that will display in your event plans.

    6.  The final step is the optional setting up your risk assessment items.    Our event medical plan tool allows you to create risk assessments for your events.  This allows you to save frequently used risks, and mitigation strategies for those risks, which will be shown to clients and staff on the event medical plans.

    Click Risk Assessment items and Add  and enter the details of the risk.  Then click Save.
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