How to use Pushover to reduce SMS costs for Notifications

It doesn't take long to rack up SMS charges at 10c a pop.  Especially when you are using pracflo to send out alert notifications for newly created cases.  We have implemented pushover as an alternative alerting method to inform admins of new cases without the need for SMS, thus saving you money!

What is pushover?  Pushover is an app you can download that sends notifications over the internet rather than via SMS!  Not only does pushover save you money on SMS costs, it also allows some pretty cool features like custom alert tones!

After a 7-day free trial, it costs $4.99 USD once, per-platform (iOS, Android, Desktop), to use on all of your own devices on that platform as you want. There are no monthly or yearly fees and you can receive as many notifications as you can handle.  This is billed by pushover and not Stratigence.


  • Download Pushover for iOS or Anrdoid

  • Available on Google Play Available in the App Store

  • Launch the client and it will walk you through creating a Pushover account and registering your device with the pushover servers.
  • You'll get a new User Key e-mailed to you (which you can always find on your dashboard or through the Settings menu of the Pushover client app on your device). Your User Key is a randomly generated identifier which allows other apps to send Pushover notifications to your devices.
  • Copy and paste your User key from pushover.
  • Log in to pracflo as an admin user
  • Go to Settings  
  • Click on Notification alerts
  • Click Add Notification

  • Choose your priority level that you wish to alert for
  • Click the Alert to: drop down box, and choose  Pushover App
  • Paste your pushover user key into the pushover key text box

  •  Click save

You will now get your new case alerts sent via pushover!

PS: Don't forget to delete your SMS alerts once you are happy with pushover!

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