Adding Users

Adding Users:

1.  Go to settings

2.  Click User Management at the top of the settings page, then click Add.  Fill in the blanks.

Some tips about adding a new user:

  • Once user has been added, their password will be sent to them via SMS.
  • Qualification/experience detail is a short Bio about the user that can be displayed on event plans that are sent to the client (optional - required in some states ).
  • Access Level: 
    Task Standard Supervisor Admin
    My Cases
    My Shifts
    My Qualifications
    Message Board
    Company files
    All Cases ×
    Event Planning × ×
    Event Calendar ×
    Email Users ×
    SMS Users ×
    Reports × ×
    Fill shifts ×
    Timesheets ×
    CAD ×
    Settings × ×
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