Version History

v 4.9.x

Major functionality improvements

  • CAD improvements to UI and functionality
  • CAD automatically creates a PCR for medics attending
  • Integrate CAD with PCR for staff to mark status enroute/arrived/clear
  • Email/SMS API changes
  • Autoselect CAD priority based on case type priority (1=High, 2=Medium etc)
  • Add report for medication usage
  • Added SLACK integration - allows sending empty shifts via Slack Channel.
  • Add employee skillset and status to employee report
  • Custom forms (v4.9.1)
  • Sublocation feature (v4.9.1)

V 4.8

  • Automatically emails staff rostered to a shift if a shift is changed.
  • Staff are cancelled if a shift is deleted and notified by email
  • More detail in sent SMS report

V 4.7

Introduction of pre-paid SMS support

V 4.6

Staff declarations added to timesheets for start of shift.  This allows you to set custom text that staff must agree to before starting their shift.  Can contain a privacy message, COVID questions or similar.

V 4.0

Pracflo V4 brings a range of new features, designed to make your life running events easier! Each new feature is detailed below, with an indication in brackets of where to find this feature if applicable.

  • New look and feel with cleaner, lighter colour scheme based on the bootstrap 4 libraries..

  • Improved speed and loading time in the Cases and Event Planning screens with server side processing of tables.

  • Resource scheduling -ability to  assign your physical assets to events (Within shift under EMP), and see their locations on a calendar. (Reports -> Resource Usage).

  • Profile pictures for all users (Staff can add this from the user profile screen)

  • Prompt asking user to confirm they wish to create a case - avoiding accidental case creation.

  • Emails now sent via in-house mail-server to ensure better delivery and less spam filter traps, ensuring better email deliverability.

  • Various bug fixes.

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